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Celebration of the Rite


All the sacraments, including Baptism, are celebrated as a community in which the Catholic faithful gather in prayer and to listen to the Scriptures. At the baptism. you will receive a booklet with the Rite of Baptism. Please read it over and note the responses and the places where

Some things to consider for the ceremony:

It is customary to have the baby dressed in white for the ceremony. After the pouring of the water, there is a reference to the white garment. St. Paul speaks of the newly baptized as having "put on Christ." The white garment symbolizes that the newly baptized have "put on Christ." There is an anointing that takes place before the pouring of the water. This anointing is done on the top of the chest area of the child. Please make sure that the baby's clothes are loose enough to provide access to this area for this anointing. The mother holds the baby for the pouring of the water during the ceremony. After the pouring of the water, a small candle is lighted from the Easter candle and pass on to the godfather (or to the Catholic godparent). The candle will be provided by the Church and should be kept by the family as a reminder for the child of his or her baptism. If desired, families may provide their own candle. If the baptismal outfit includes a hat for the baby, please make sure it is removed before, the ceremony. If there are elements that families have traditionally used for baptism (e.g., a special vessel for the pouring of the water, etc.), you are most welcome to bring these to the ceremony for use.

Families who desire to have a child baptized in another parish (Church) should contact a priest in the parish where the baptism will take place and one of the parish priests at St. Mary's Church. Because sacramental preparation is primarily the responsibility of the parish to which you belong, St. Mary's Parish will be very happy to assist our parishioners who desire to have a child baptized in another parish. The priests will work with family and the other parish to provide the necessary preparation in the most convenient way.

the parents and godparents actively participate in the rite.

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Prayer for an End to Human Trafficking

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you across the world in prayer to pray for the abolishment of human trafficking in all its forms. Save the victims, help them to receive the proper guidance, counseling, shelter and healing that is needed for them to overcome this violent act, we humbly pray. Flood the hearts of those committing these acts, so they may come to know Your Grace. Thank you, Lord, for your angels here on earth who serve and protect these vulnerable peoples. Through the intercession of St. Josephine Bakhita, Patroness of charity and patience, bring us the spirit of wisdom and love. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, be our protector. Grant us the courage, strength, and ability to fight successfully to end the scourge of human trafficking. We ask this through,

Christ Our Lord. Amen.

National Human Trafficking Resource Center
Text HELP or INFO to
BeFree (233733)

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