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General Rules


Parents are required to furnish their child’s baptismal record if preparing for the sacrament of Penance or Holy Eucharist.


Too many unexcused absences may result in a student repeating a class and/or not receiving a sacrament. Absences will be reviewed monthly. If a student is absent more than three (3) times during one (1) semester (s), he will not be allowed to move to the next grade. If an absence is anticipated, it may be excused at the discretion of the Director if prior notification is given.


All CCE classes begin with the Celebration of the Eucharist at 8:30 a.m. ALL Children are expected to attend Mass on Sunday morning. (The only exception is those Altar Servers who participated in the 5:00 p.m. Vigil Mass on Saturday afternoon.)


Please make note instruction time begins at the conclusion of the 8:30am mass and ends at 10:45am. We urge you to be considerate in getting your child to CCE and picking up your child on time.


Any disruptive student will be taken out of class and parents will be required to pick the student up immediately.


We are encouraging all our parents and guardians to PLEASE begin and remain active in your child (ren)/guardian Religious education. We want all our parents and guardians to feel free to attend classes with their children on regular basis and please remain stay in close contact with your child (ren) teachers, regarding their progress or lack of progress. Please question your child (ren) after each class on what they learn that particular Sunday morning and if they still have any questions regarding the lesson. Each month has a designated day as “Parental Involvement Sunday” and all parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and participate in their child classroom activities. Parents and guardians are free to attend any class on any given Sunday.